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Family Wealth Transition (Second Edition) by Peter Riley


By clicking on the image (right), you can view Peter's ebook online or download it so you can add your own notes and highlights.  If you would like a hardcover copy of the book, please email your address details to


About Peter Riley


Peter is an Executive Director of Alandal Consulting Pty Ltd, specialising in advising high wealth families and their businesses.


In Peter’s words: ‘As I advise my clients, there is not necessarily a right or wrong approach to Family Wealth Transition. What is wrong is for a Family to not take the time to think through, develop, constantly refine, and apply an approach appropriate to them. This book is a product of my own 35 years of experience as a family advisor. Whilst I think it may only represent the tip of the iceberg, I hope it may be of use in each reader’s own deliberations.’


Prior to Alandal Consulting, Peter had over 35 years’ experience in public accounting with a Tax Consulting specialisation, and particularly focused on advising high wealth individuals, their families and business and investment activities, including in relation to the family succession and estate planning. In more recent years, Peter has been active in advising families on their core business activities and/or their wealth transition philosophy and processes via roles on advisory boards.


He is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Australia and New Zealand and CPA Australia, and a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors’ Company Directors Course. He serves, and has served, on a number of not for profit boards.

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