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Marketing Logic is a strategic marketing consultancy specialising in client engagement, strategy development and implementation.

About us

About us

Headed by Founding Director, Vivienne Corcoran, the Marketing Logic team comprises an extensive network of Australian and international strategists, researchers, marketing managers, designers, writers, creative directors, advertising agencies, PR companies and web designers from which we can assemble the right team for each client job. This network also allows us to exponentially expand the team to meet demand.


We have been successfully marketing Australian and international businesses for more than 25 years. During that time we have been instrumental in changing major brand identities, their market places and in helping clients win awards for their service delivery.

In assisting our clients we assess the organisation to determine its structural and cultural dynamics and the current state and progress of its marketing and business development. This initial review then forms the background to a plan of work that maximises business outcomes.

Vivienne Corcoran HS-RELEASE.jpg

Vivienne Corcoran FAICD FAMI

More than 30 years’ experience in marketing and business has provided Vivienne with broad industry knowledge and networks. As a marketer, director and strategist, Vivienne has developed a reputation for being intuitive, strategic and practical. She is able to identify, distil and communicate key issues quickly such that everyone understands what needs to be done. Her experience working in diverse environments as director, business owner, manager and team member have given her the ability to adapt and provide clear management of the task at hand. Vivienne has extensive experience building and marketing professional services firms.  She is a Teaching Fellow in the Masters program at The College of Law in Australia and is currently working on a PhD with Edinburgh Business School on client feedback and engagement.

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Our services

Our services

We work for a wide range of clients in industry, size, type and location.  In each instance we like to work with people who want to  make positive change and we help make that happen.  We do this in a variety of ways, from in house deployment, through project management, full outsourcing and resource supplementation. 


Marketing Logic understands the dynamics of partnerships and privately-owned businesses where the diversity of the principals is both a strength and a challenge. We have helped firms of engineers, lawyers, accountants, actuaries, IT and intellectual property professionals and other professional services providers to grow and prosper.


Marketing Logic can also assist in overload situations where professionals may not have the time or in situations where the necessary expertise is not available within the organisation.


A sample of clients include:

  • Accounting: Pitcher Partners, CPA Australia, MGR Accountants, PKF Australia, Grant Thornton Australia

  • Finance: Asena, Giles Wade, ANZ, Mercer, Rothschilds, Keep Wealth Partners

  • Law: LIV, Freshfields, Hogan Lovell, Russell Kennedy, Wisewould Mahony, Phillips Ormonde Fitzpatrick, Rigby Cooke

  • Not for Profits/Healthcare: DHSV, Bayside GP Network, Australian Dentists’ Association, Cabrini, Scope, Alfred Radiology, Red Cross, Australasian College of Anaesthetists, Statewide Autistic Services, Idependence Australia Group, Urban Camp

  • Technology: 5P, Myriad IT, SMS Consulting, Accenture, NEC, Siemens, Telstra.

A sample of services include:

  • Client service & engagement reviews: Review and development of client feedback systems and processes, client interviews and assessment so we can continue to improve value provided to the client.

  • Marketing and business development: Direction and management augmenting your current staff, provide an external view of performance and effectiveness, help move the organisation to another level.

  • Communications: Website review and improvement, internal (planning, staff newsletters, bulletins, etc), and external (public relations, roadshows) communications.

  • Corporate planning and advice: Partnership structures, business planning and development, strategic planning and workshops.

  • Strategic facilitation: For senior management, board and partner meetings, brainstorms and strategic planning.

  • Coaching and mentoring: For board members, partners, directors and marketing management.

  • Corporate or continuing professional development: On a wide range of topics including: business development skills and planning, setting personal and professional goals, growing your business/helping build the business you are in, simple business planning, improving your practice's profit, handling complaints, excellent customer service, marketing yourself, working in teams, creating good PR, identifying value, client listening, crisis and reputation management.

  • Corporate identity and brand management: Brand reviews, revitalisation and transition strategies, visual identity guidelines.

  • Structural, organisational and governance reviews: Ensure structures support and enable the strategic direction.

  • Organisational change management: Strategic planning, organisational alignment, process drivers and owners.

  • Mediation and facilitation:



Vivienne recently conducted a number of client interviews on our behalf to enable us to gain a more in-depth understanding of emerging challenges for our clients in a particular sector.  Vivienne provided prompt reports following each interview, and included valuable recommendation on next steps and solutions.

We greatly benefited from Vivienne’s energy and insights, and her ability to quickly synthesise key themes. Viv gently challenged us and drew on her wisdom and experience to help us articulate strategic implications of her work, going well beyond the basic brief.

For this reason, we have continued to return to Vivienne over many years for these critical sector insights and we have confidence that she understands our business and our markets and always brings a fresh perspective to our thinking.

In the same way that we strive to be, Viv is a client-centred professional, who adds significant value to our business and who aligns herself with our objectives and priorities.

Cecelia Irvine-So, Practice Leader, Moores


Vivienne came to our business at a time when we were extremely busy and changing direction in response to client demands.  Vivienne's strategic, board and business experience brought discipline and focus to a stretched management team. As a result, the business continued to grow strongly but with purpose and direction. On top of her strategic input, Vivienne was able to roll her sleeves up and provide much needed hands on marketing to help us achieve our goals.

Marcus Simkin, CEO, Myriad IT


The Little Athletics Australia (LAA) Board has for some time considered the need to update the organisation's governance structure. Vivienne has provided us with wise counsel and assistance in reviewing our governance structures and Constitution including assisting us with the attraction, selection and recruitment of our first independent directors. Vivienne's governance knowledge and experience have made a valuable contribution to the LAA Board.

Dereck Fineberg OAM, President, Little Athletics Australia

Vivienne has provided Little Athletics Australia with valuable input to the development of our strategic and marketing plans including the development of policies, strategies and sponsorship proposals. She has provided welcome support and learned advice to our small management team.

Martin Stillman, CEO, Little Athletics Australia


Vivienne has developed and delivered several training activities for our professional development programs. Each has been targeted, focused and engaging and the participant evaluations have been outstanding.

Julie McCormack, Manager Clinical Training Unit, Dental Health Services Victoria

I asked Vivienne to come and work with our partnership to help identify and implement new pathways for growth. Vivienne’s experience with professional firms meant she was able to come to grips with the partnership, the teams and the individuals quickly and gain their attention and respect. She brought our leadership team together to agree on a strategic action plan, and has since developed and delivered training focused on Working in Teams, Managing Teams and Business Development and Client Engagement. The partnership group and the firm are now very clear on what is needed for us to grow and thrive.

David King, CEO, Robertson Hyetts Solicitors


Vivienne has been a major driver of our client service program. She has developed, gained support for and implemented client service initiatives across the firm. The client listening, feedback and service programs Vivienne developed are now an integral part of our business and a major driver of service improvement in our firm.

Melanie Kent, National Marketing Director, Pitcher Partners

Vivienne's vision combines with a strong practical capacity to plan and implement effective change in organisations. Her drive, clear thinking, and positive outlook makes her a force in her field. Her strategic input has made a substantial contribution to First National Real Estate's renaissance, helping make it, once again, a dynamic leader in Australian real estate. Vivienne's steel-trap-mind will definitely deliver a dose of 'Marketing Logic' to your organisation. Plus, she has a great sense of humour!

Stewart Bunn, National Communications Manager,

First National Real Estate

When you hire experience you want it to be presented when necessary and Vivienne does so with near perfect empathy. By sharing what is needed and why she helps everyone improve. Where she shines is in bringing her experience and the client's business needs together. Never is Vivienne, "I'm the expert and you'll follow me". Rather, "I have expertise I think you'll benefit from. Let me help you to understand."

David Buchan, General Manager, MGR Accountants

Marketing Logic worked closely with us by re-engineering product and services profiles and the selection and change of name to HEALTH IQ. They provided straightforward and honest advice, and an external view which helped put our ideas into perspective. The “makeover” has increased awareness in the marketplace of our extensive health knowledge and experience – it has worked very well. Marketing Logic played a key role in driving this change.

Robert Gluth, Sales Manager, HEALTH IQ

We decided to launch a new enterprise from our business and were looking for assistance in understanding and defining how to take it to market. Based on our long relationship with Vivienne Corcoran, we engaged Marketing Logic to assist us. Vivienne and her team brought their excellent knowledge of marketing but also their specific expertise in professional and consulting services to bear on the job. In an extremely short period of time, they were able to deliver us a strategic marketing plan complete with detailed actions and tools. The plan was not only prompt but both practical and insightful. Marketing Logic were creative, challenging and fun to work with.

Peter Nisbet, Director, The Insight Group 

Marketing Logic has delivered award winning annual reports for Scope, contributed their considerable expertise to our brand strategy and assisted us grapple with the task of communicating our strategic direction to external stakeholders. They have a wonderful ability to distill complex business strategy into simple, easy to understand communications and bring internal stakeholders with them in the process.  Marketing Logic has been a major contributor to our success in positioning Scope as an innovative leader – ensuring that the community ’sees the person not the disability’.

Stephen May, General Marketing Manager, Scope

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